Are printed banners for events actually beneficial?

Printed banners for events are part of a timeless advertising method. Clear and simple, they are effective at promoting your brand consistently and wherever you may need it. You can use them in a number of ways and personalise them until your heart’s content. A different banner for every event. They help you get noticed by using your colours and large, bold lettering to attract people to you. 

As long as we have shop fronts and business offices, some form of print advertising is going to be needed. It’s an easy and affordable way to let people know who you are, what you do and what they can expect when working with you. It will be one of the first steps at selling before they even walk in the door, or click onto your website. Printed banners are one way, in particular, that can come in handy for businesses travelling around to advertise. 

Advantages of using printed banners for events

#1 Inexpensive

You can get a completely bespoke design that encompasses your company branding and is filled with the message you want to send. Then you could get multiple banners printed for different events, still for an affordable price. Whereas with other advertising like newspaper ads - you’re paying money for a small piece of advertising that may only be seen a handful of times and only in one place. That's the beauty of our printed products, they're portable, affordable and high quality.

There are plenty of banner types to choose from that will see you get your money's worth in no time. The best prints can attract loads of new customers and help keep you fresh in the minds of previous clientele too. You’ll be increasing profit so greatly, you’ll want to buy more anyway. It also means we can get them to you quickly. It can be a pretty short notice decision and you'll be relieved you don't have to fork out a big budget for some effective advertising. 

#2 Durable

With different styles and materials to choose from, you’ll have no problem finding a printed banner for events of all kinds. Especially in the UK, weather can be unpredictable and if you’re at an outdoor event, you’re going to want to be sure your banners will hold up no matter what. Printed banners for events are excellent for this.For example, our PVC banners are perfect for indoor or outdoor advertising.

You can easily transfer them from one to the other should you need to switch them up during the day. And there will be no problem moving from one event to the next, all year round, with weatherproof banners for events like these. It's important that your logo and information stay clear and easy to read. So why not invest in some durable printed banners and you won't have to worry! Your potential customers will always know who to call.

#3 Prolonged exposure

People quickly get tired of watching the same TV adverts over and over. But with printed banners, you can display them long term, in the same place or use the same one for different scenarios. They’re not easy to get fed up with because they are purposely nice to look at and they're interesting. They stand out because they’re eye-catching and memorable - imitating your brand to no end. But they almost blend in with the environment at the same time. 

The more people catch a glimpse of them, the more your brand will stick in their minds. They can be left up for months or years and every time people pass - they’ll unknowingly recognise your company logo, colours or slogan just by looking at the banners for a few seconds. You’ll always be reaching your target audience because they can be left out for everyone to see, no matter where they’re placed. Even if you're at an event with different industries - you can probably guarantee that at some point, people will walk past and want to know more thanks to your advertising banners.

#4 Lightweight

Printed banners for events are made to be portable. They're so easy to take with you wherever you need them because they're light and easy to store. Things like our roll banners fold away without any hassle so even the bigger adverts can be transported simply and quickly. Being lightweight also means if you need to move them around during the day to follow the crowd - you can do that too. They don't have to be left in one place if you don't want them to be.

Also, when you're done with one event, you can fold them up and tuck them out of the way. The printed banners for events aren't bulky or hard to store. You can take them down efficiently and pack them away neatly for next time. Not to mention you can do it all yourself. No matter how small your company or if it's just yourself manning the event; you'll have no trouble getting packed away and taking it all with you.

They won't crinkle or ruin the printing because of the material used and the quality of Printed Agility products! You can be sure that every time you get them out to use - they'll be in just as good condition as when you put them away last time. Even leaving them outside for extended periods is no problem because they're waterproof and will withstand the pretty rubbish UK climate too!

#5 Special offers

One sure-fire way to attract business is - discounts. Banners are a fantastic way of announcing new deals or even special events coming up within your company! Something such as a flag banner can really make an impact when placed outside your event location. It catches people's eyes and when paired with a discount - there's no way they won't be running to you!

Creating a sense of urgency also helps make sure those customers don't wait any longer to do business with you. Limited time offers work fantastically. Use your banners to draw in customers, but don't leave the deals open too long - otherwise, they'll just think they can wait. It's not quite as exciting if they know they have months to go.

Printed banners make it a bit more special too. Instead of just sending out emails or having signs in-store - printed banners for events reinforce the exclusivity of the deals. People will be more likely to but if they think only they know about it - they want to get there first. It also presents something to celebrate. A banner takes it to the next level and lets everyone know that it's something special and that they should act now before they miss out.

#6 Use in small areas

Printed banners can be used in areas where space is limited. Because they don't all have large bases or wide stands, they can be situated discreetly and won't use up precious space for showcasing your products. At an event, your products or service will naturally take pride of place, so it's important your advertising method can be out of the way but still visible. This is why the size and design of your banner will vary and can be bespoke to you.

With so many designs and different banners to choose from, you can match it to your business as well as the situation you need it for. If you have a small stall at a local event or are hosting your own large-scale business affair, you can order accordingly. Use your brand colours and fonts to your advantage. 

Create an eye-catching, bold design to be displayed on a more low-key banner. This way you'll be projecting your message without taking up lots of room that you need. It's not all about the size and so think about how you can display your business with images and text. The actual content of the banner will matter here more than the banner itself. Keep it personable and try to keep your branding consistent to really engage your target audience and draw in as many people as possible.

So, should you be using printed banners?

Experimenting with different advertising methods can be a long process until you find something that suits your business best. But when it comes to advertising at events - it can be tricky to find something portable and simple, that still effectively gets your message across and shows off your brand. That's where we think printed banners come in really useful.

Durable, personalisable and inexpensive - they're a fantastic alternative to more pricey and difficult to produce methods. They can also be used outside of events so investing in a few will truly be an investment. Place them wherever you like and use them again and again. 

Producing all of our products in-house, our dedicated team can work with you to produce a personalised printed banner that is tailored to your business and specific advertising needs. We'd love to have a chat, so don't hesitate to get in touch. Start a conversation using our online chat bubble (just at the bottom of your screen) or give us a call on 0118 469 3015. Let's get started!