Guildford printers: What should you be on the lookout for?

They say print is dead, but that's certainly not the case! Here at Printed Agility, we know how instrumental printing is to a company's brand and marketing communications. Anything that bears your business name should look professional to provide your target audience with a lasting positive impression. 

Not all printing companies have the same commitment to quality nor do they have the ability to print top-notch copies. You're spoilt for choice when searching for a company to facilitate your needs, it can be time-consuming and difficult to select one that truly meets your requirements. So, as the expert Guildford printers, we're detailing exactly what you should be looking out for when making this crucial decision to get it right. Remember, choosing the right printing company should be seen as a long-term investment - after all, it's likely the final marketing materials you produce will be with you for the long term. Check out our handy tips...

It's all in the quality

One of the most important factors to consider when looking for a printing company is the quality of their service and prints. Whilst price is important, a professionally finished product is the top priority for businesses - you certainly don't want a flimsy business card or a leaflet with smeared ink. 

It can be wise to meet the printing company in person or ask for a few samples to ensure the quality of the products you are after meet your expectations. If you feel these are not quite up to scratch, it may be wise to look elsewhere for Guildford printers. 

And, will they work with you to finalise your graphics? A reputable printing company will see hundreds of designs each day and know exactly what works, so ask if they'll be able to review and work with you to create a solid design. 

Finally, you should confirm that they meet delivery times and maintain high quality even with a quick turnaround. It's all about delivering on a promise - here at Printed Agility, we aren't satisfied until you're over the moon. 

What are their capabilities like?

Some smaller printing companies are unable to offer a wide range of services to accommodate all your needs as a customer. If you can find a high-quality printer that can check many of the to-do items off your list, you'll be able to relax knowing you are in safe hands and receive a consistent batch of products. Plus, that means more time focusing on the operations of your business rather than searching for another printer!

Furthermore, you may want to ask for more specialised techniques or a different ink option aside from the standard. Do they offer green options and a variety of materials? Are they able to offer embossing, foil stamping and die-cutting? Whilst you may not need these specialist areas now, it can be useful to understand how capable your printer is for the future. Building a solid relationship will ensure your business's branding remains consistent and highly professional - ultimately, making it more successful. 

Well-established with reliable references

Of course, it's not fair to associate a new company on the block with poor service levels - we all start somewhere! But, a printing firm that has been long-established is likely to go hand in hand with high-quality products and excellent customer service. A business's reputation is crucial when making supplier choices, failure to take this into consideration could be a costly mistake. 

In addition, to thoroughly build a full picture of the level of service provided, you should be able to ask for several references. If the printing company can provide just one or two - or none of their past customers are willing to talk about their experience, this could be a clear indication that there is more to be desired. A first-hand review can instil confidence in the ability of your Guildford printers, guaranteeing that you will achieve the expected final result. 

The customer is always right

From the first interaction, you should be greeted with exceptional levels of customer service from a printing company. Whether it be through email, phone or in-person, the representative should be kind and helpful, guiding you through any concerns or queries. As a customer, you should walk away from the conversation feeling as though all your needs have been thoroughly addressed. 

But, this shouldn't stop after the initial conversation, through every step of the way you should experience great customer service. You should be given one single point of contact who will be your go-to throughout the process, answering any questions you may have and providing reliable updates. 

When you receive your final product, you'll also be able to judge the customer service - is the item up to quality? And, has the deadline agreed been met? They should follow up to ensure you are satisfied with the full experience, if they fail to do so it suggests your business is of little importance to them and may be one to avoid in the future. 

Money, money, money

A lot of customers make their decision on which Guildford printers to work with based on price, often wanting to opt for the cheapest options. But, this isn't necessarily wise and could mean a costly replacement is required. A sign of a good service is fair pricing, so whilst a printer may not offer the cheapest price, they will likely get the job done right - even exceeding your expectations in the process. 

You can set yourself a budget and find a service to fit around this specific price in mind. Or, speak to a printing company and gain insight into typical prices surrounding your desired printing services, budgeting around that figure. It’s important to always remember however, that you get what you pay for - but a great service will see you pay this sum just once as your chosen printing business will get the job done right, the first time. 


Can you trust that the printing company you've chosen to work with knows what they're doing? You should feel as though the printer is an absolute expert in the trade - and a long-established company is a safe bet regarding this. However, you could also ask for certifications to verify the expertise needed for your job is held by those at the company. 

Furthermore, speaking with the employees can also help you to gauge the skill and knowledge possessed by the printers. And top tip, if they use an industry term you are unfamiliar with, ask them to explain this to you. Not only does this show they know what they are talking about, but it also suggests they are happy to help and provide excellent customer service. 

Why choose us as your Guildford printers?

There’s a lot to consider when choosing a professional printing service, especially if you have not worked with a printer in the past. With new terminology thrown your way, it’s easy to feel a little lost. But, if you find the right company you can streamline the process and relax, knowing you’ll achieve your desired end product. 

At Indie Print Co, we work closely with you to ensure we provide you with the right result time and again. We don’t settle for anything less than a job well-done; our promise to you is that you walk away ‘over the moon’ with our services. So, work with the experts today. We’ll guarantee you high-quality print that is sure to ‘wow’ your clients. In the professional world, a professional finish is crucial to establish yourself as a business worth working with. 

Still need a little convincing? We love a natter! Contact us for free samples and dedicated guidance today, we’ll be with you every step of the way to provide you with impressive results. The best way to reach us is by starting a conversation in our chat bubble (check out the bottom right of your screen!). Or, if phoning’s more your style, get in touch with us at 0118 469 3015 and we’ll be more than happy to discuss your individual needs.