How can printing leaflets benefit your business?

Offline marketing tools are commonly undervalued, but in a world dominated by digital communications, they can prove to be highly effective when used correctly. No matter how big or small, businesses can significantly benefit from printing leaflets. Not only are they a fantastic way to increase brand awareness, but leaflets also serve as a direct way to reach customers - grabbing your audience's attention with a clear, concise message. 

In this blog post,  we'll be showcasing the 8 key benefits of how leaflets can aid your business. Whilst there are a variety of different marketing strategies available, a printed leaflet could make you stand out from the crowd in such a competitive market. Customers will always take notice of vivid, direct promotional material - having far more impact than a tweet or email. So, let's delve into the advantages of printing leaflets...

How will leaflets help your business?

When produced and distributed effectively, a leaflet can help you land the right message with your target audience when it counts the most. So, what can they do exactly?

  • Showcase a product or service, particularly to new customers
  • Promote an event or exhibition, increasing attendance rates
  • Frame key USPs in a digestible format

There are a variety of different ways you can use leaflets to assist your business, the key is to prioritise what it is you want your target audience to learn as a result. Once you decide this, you can build your design around this clear message and create an effective leaflet that will actually positively impact your business. 

The benefits of printing leaflets...

#1 Great return on investment

Marketing can be a costly expense for businesses, and it can be a risk should you choose the wrong channel to concentrate your efforts on. Leaflets come with little financial risk are therefore act as an affordable alternative to other more expensive printed solutions such as billboards and brochures - the low cost makes it a useful addition to a large promotional campaign. 

Plus, they have a long shelf-life in contrast to content on digital marketing channels, the message here is often forgotten after a quick glance or not even considered at all. Leaflets offer an impressive return on investment whether you are promoting a product, service or event - increasing both awareness and recall of your offering. 

#2 A variety of designs available

Unlike other printed materials, such as posters, leaflets can be folded in a variety of different styles. As a result, this can add another dimension to how you deliver your message - it's eye-catching and engaging. 

So, what are some of the more attention-grabbing options available? When considering this major design decision, be sure to shape your leaflet to fit your message. 

  • Gate fold: Two parallel folds create six panels (three on each side) that open like a double gate. 
  • Concertina fold: Printed in an accordion-like fashion, this is also known as a zig-zag fold. 
  • Cross fold: A large printed sheet such as a map, reduced in size by being folded down several times.

#3 Easy to digest messages

Whether you choose an online or print solution, you only have a short time to get your message across. So, you need to keep things short and sweet. But, how can you achieve this? A well-designed, effective leaflet will provide only the essential information a customer requires in an easy-to-read format. Try to use bullet points and simple language aligned with your brand's tone to frame your product or service against your customer's needs. 

Remember, you want to engage your audience in a short time frame and make them want to find out more. And, your call to action should be clearly signposted on your leaflet too. 

#4 Trust in print

According to recent studies, 78% of customers trust print over websites, people have more faith in printed information and are less likely to respond to digital communications. Whilst, of course, a solid online presence is crucial, a thought-provoking leaflet has the potential to be taken in more readily by your audience. 

Clearly, we can see that online content is hugely diluted and with over 95 million posts a day just on Instagram, how can you stand out from the crowd? Printing leaflets can be a fantastic alternative to the usual content done by every brand online. 

#5 Creative expression

Leaflets also prevent a wonderful opportunity for businesses to express themselves, they empower people to creatively showcase their brand. They're a blank canvas!

It can be difficult to define your brand on your website or social media, but a leaflet can allow you to refine your brand down to the unique niche due to the comprehensive design process required. You'll have to consider not only your message but how you present this information - what colours will you use? What font and graphics? It's an excellent opportunity to ensure everything your produce in the future aligns with your businesses branding, paving the way to a widely recognisable and reputable organisation. But, try to think outside the box and make a striking statement.

#6 Succinctly frame your key messages

Whether you are a florist, business coach or insurance firm, leaflets are a powerful way of communicating your key messages. You can hand these out on a stand or after a presentation so people have something to 'mull over' and can follow up with you in the future. However, you need to avoid overwhelming customers with too much information by narrowing down your message. 

You can even measure the return on investment and success of these leaflets by calculating how many enquiries you receive from these leaflets. 

#7 Put directly in front of your target audience

You can distribute leaflets anywhere; placing them in the locations your target audience is likely to be in will mean you can focus your marketing efforts. For example, at a trade show, you may promote a certain deal or discount code. Or, if you're promoting a new business in the local community, you might distribute leaflets through the letterboxes with a specific postcode, or at a location you expect to be popular with your buyer persona. 

Perhaps add a personal touch with your current customer base too, and add their names to the leaflet. It's a unique touch that may ensure continued support long in to the future. 

#8 Build relationships after distribution

Unlike an online advert or blog, leaflets can have a further impact down the line. Often, they are left sitting on a table of a customers' home for weeks after the initial distribution.  This gives the customer the opportunity to read the leaflet in their own time, allowing them to take in the information at their own pace and act on it if they wish to find out more. Ultimately printed leaflets boost the chance of key business information being read, understood and acted upon. 

A well-designed leaflet continues to work for you after the initial contact, building up a relationship and helping you close a sale without doing any additional footwork. 

So, should you be printing leaflets for your business? 

Get noticed. Printing leaflets can elevate your brand, instilling confidence in your reliability and services. Digital marketing might be the go-to for quickly breaking into the business world, but high-quality print is certainly an essential for organisations wanting to solidify their position in the market.

Producing everything in house, our dedicated team can work with you to create high-quality printed leaflets that will get your business out there successfully. We aren't happy until you are 'over the moon' - and that's our promise to you, ensuring you walk away with your desired results. 

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