How to get creative with your school signage UK

While it is practical and a requirement for schools, the signage you display doesn’t have to be boring. People are looking at it all day, and most of those are children - who like bright, bold and colourful designs. So use this to your advantage and brighten up your school signage UK. It can still be informative, but why not make it look beautiful too? Everyone who comes into the school will be drawn in from the front door. 

This is your chance to promote your school values and reinforce your branding. This type of promotion starts from the front gates. Where they see the school name and logo is the start of their journey to understanding who you are and what kind of school you are. It can be hard to know when to change it up, but we’re going to look at some ways to get creative.

Start fresh

When was the last time you updated the school’s signs? With so much going on in schools and everyone having thousands of other things to think about, they can easily get forgotten. The visual environment is so important in schools all the way from pre-school to university. They’re places to learn and get involved in new things. If it is dull and boring, it won’t motivate students or teachers. 

Welcome banners, values posters and other general messages can be updated every year. It provides a smart environment for the new intake of students and gives the existing pupils a fresh start to the school year too. The more welcoming and exciting the environment is, the easier the transition will be for younger children and those who normally find it difficult to start over.

Not everything has to be changed as often but giving the school signage UK a new lease of life every now and then will make a big impact. Obviously, you won’t change your branding every year, but there are plenty of directions you can take with banners and plaques. You can display the school in a new light and keep it professional at the same time. 

Safety first 

This plays a critical role in any school. The number one priority for teachers, parents and students alike is being safe. It’s important we do all we can to make people feel safe and pay attention to what’s going to keep them secure. Generic health and safety signs can be dull and boring. That’s why we offer custom safety signs at Compliance Signs. 

Turn your regulation school signage UK into an attractive part of your marketing and safety strategies. The more exciting you make it, the easier it will be and the more likely people will be to follow them. Implementing rules is a key part of school life and can be hard for some. So, jazz them up and make them fun. 

Small things like keeping narrow corridors easy to navigate can be done with ‘keep left’ stickers or more interactive footsteps placed on the correct side of the floor. It’s a more visual indication with a clear message. Children want to walk across things and follow paths. This lets them do that while keeping them safe and the school manageable too.

Get the kids involved

Little ones (and big ones) have fantastic imaginations. Why not get them stuck into designing new signs and banners to go up around school? You could turn it into a fun competition or mini-project. It will make them feel more included in the school environment - seeing their handy work around the place. Especially if it’s an informative piece, it reinforces rules and get’s them actively involved in implementing them. 

Give the pupils a reason to excel and share their work. Campaigns like anti-bullying or black history month can give them an inspiring starting point, but let their imaginations run wild. Parents and OFSTED (yes, we said it) will love seeing artwork turned into school signage UK. It’s something that can be done every year, so you’ll constantly be freshening up the promotions with new designs and messages. 

You could get lots of really fun and interactive designs that they want to see. You may not have thought about some of the ideas they come up with - so you’ll have a much broader range to choose from. Don’t forget to get the staff in on it too! They know the children they work with well so will have an idea of what engages them. This can benefit your school signage UK and make it a really captivating environment to be in. 

Walk around

Pretend you’re a visitor, or better yet, a child. Walk through the school like they would or even get someone to come with you. What do you notice first and how can you do more of it? Think about the eye level of some of the younger ones too. Fill blank walls from floor to ceiling for the most immersive experience. The most eye-catching signs you already have can give you an idea of the direction to go with the updates. 

You could even run a poll. Ask the teachers and children which displays and signs are their favourites and why. Then you can update the rest with ideas plucked from the favourites. Think about the journey people take. Do they notice the messages you want them to see as they move around? If not, try and make that the priority. Make important things bigger and bolder. Get as creative as you like.

As you walk around, you’ll notice things that are missing or in the wrong place. Even when doing a risk assessment, you’ll find things that you might need. This can be the place to start when getting creative as you can liven up the boring bits first. Don’t forget the notebook, new ideas will be popping up left, right and centre as you make your way around!

Get inspired

Sometimes, it might take a little more to get people motivated and in the right mind frame to learn. Inspirational quotes have become a well-loved addition to many homes and buildings and done right, can be a great mood booster. This is another chance to get other people involved too. See if anyone has their own quotes to offer or perhaps a favourite film or celebrity quote that could work. 

Adding some by children’s authors, artists or well-known actors/actresses will grab their attention. Soon enough, it becomes a talking point and something to make people stop and think. Seeing it five days a week, the best ones will easily get stuck in their minds. That’s how you can contribute to a more positive mindset. Make them bold and attractive to really stand out. 

If you have designated areas for different subjects, you can even dedicate quotes by certain experts. For example, you could put some of Hawkings’ famous sayings around the science department or Shakespeare in the English classrooms. Give people a nice array of things to reflect on and act upon. 

Need new school signage UK?

Certain things have to be regulated, we understand that. But that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Get as many people involved as you can to get the best outcome. You don’t need to churn out all the ideas or even change everything. Just freshening up the ones you know could be more exciting, and ensuring everything is branded and smart will create an impact. We can help with everything from fire and security to custom safety signs. 

For all your school and safety signage needs, Compliance Signs have got you covered. With our price match promise, you’ll be guaranteed the highest quality for the best price. If you want a chat beforehand, give us a call on 0118 469 3015 or pop up on our chat bubble. It’s at the bottom right of your screen - there’s always someone to help.