How to prepare for an event with a top printing company Surrey

How to prepare for an event with a top printing company Surrey

Planning an event is no easy feat. There’s a reason people hire panners to sort everything out. While there can be a lot to think about, you still want to enjoy the whole process as much as possible - not just the event itself. From venues to goody bags, if you can get organised beforehand, you’ll feel a lot more confident. As a top printing company Surrey we’ve delivered prints and merchandise for a lot of events and so have a good idea of what it takes to make an event happen. That’s why we’ve put together a list of how to prepare.

Having a list or mapping everything out first is a good way to keep yourself on track. If you lose focus it gives you a place to return to and look back on. While every event will require different components, you can create a basic framework of generic things to organise. It’s a place to start and from there you can decide what needs doing in each section. If you’re stuck on where to go from here, read on.

What’s the purpose?

Unless you just like a party, there’s probably a reason you’re hosting this event. Understanding its purpose will guide you to settling on a ‘theme’ of sorts. Now, this doesn’t have to be fancy dress or anything too major but have an idea of what it’s all about. From a private conference to an awards ceremony, they’re going to differ in scale and style. Once you’ve got the purpose figured out, it’ll make other things easier. 

You’ll need to let people know the dress code and decide if you need catering amongst other things. Without a clear sense of what the event is about, you won’t know in which direction to take your other decisions. Make this your first port of call and it’ll kick off the process nicely. 

From here you can narrow down designs and style choices for other decisions you will need to make. Consistency will make everything feel aligned and your guests will notice the effort you’ve put into making their experience cohesive and enjoyable. Start slowly and get your head around what it will look like to then branch out into the next steps.

Scope out different locations

It’s unlikely you’ll find a suitable venue on your first visit (unless you know a guy) because there are important things to consider. It’s crucial you aren’t under or overestimating your guest list here. Somewhere too small will be uncomfortable and crowded, where an area too big will feel empty no matter how many people are there. 

It will also depend on your budget as to what you can afford. You might find that the same size location comes at different price points in other areas. So once you’ve figured out what style you’re going for, it might be worth taking some time to travel a little way out of the area to see what’s available elsewhere. Going further afield isn’t always desirable, but can be worth it to find a perfect property.

Also, discuss what facilities are available around the venue. Are there local hotels or places your guests could stay should they need to? This can be a reason people don’t show up to events. If it’s ending late and they don’t want to or can’t travel home, it’s important they have other options available. 

Emergency protocol

It sounds strange but whether you’re hosting an event in-house or hiring a venue, this is something you need to be aware of. It’s vital there is the correct safety signage at every exit and in other visible places around the building. Without them, the site manager will not be complying with regulations and your attendees won’t be as safe as they could be.

As well as this, it’s a good idea to make sure you are briefed on any emergency protocol put in place by the manager. This way you can be confident in case of an emergency. Keeping yourself and everyone else safe will be a huge concern so make sure you’re aware of how it runs will give you a boost of confidence. Being a printing company Surrey means we see the effect of reliable signage and the difference it makes doing it properly. 

Things like this can be done on a visit to the site. It will just mean making an effort to pay more attention to the signage they have and where things are located. The people showing you around should be able to provide you with this information and make sure you’re confident with your role. 


This is something a lot of people consider when thinking about food. But not so much when it comes to how the deliveries are actually going to find you. It’s all well and good giving an address, but could you do more? Especially if your event is in a rural part of the country, it can be hard to pinpoint an exact delivery location. 

Similar to emergency signs, having clear property names/numbers visible or even investing in some signs dedicated to the event can make a big impact. They could be designed to match your theme but used to point drivers to a parking area or direct them around the back to avoid the guests. It’s little things like this that will make the guest’s experience nicer and make everything run smoother for you. 

Our posters for example could achieve this nicely by giving you your very own design and branding to accompany other messages you need to display. From directional signs to seating plans, you can match them to the theme so they don’t detract from your big night. It will all look like it’s meant to be there. No old, half worn photos or posters from years ago. 

It’s the little things

Once you have all the big decisions out of the way, you can begin to relax. It’s now going to be the small things that make a difference to your guests’ experience. For example, have you thought about how they will be greeted when they first arrive? Or what background music you will play during the event? The intricate details will also carry your theme seamlessly through the whole event and link all your hard work together. 

The first thing people do with a printing company Surrey like us is register interest or get in touch. So by making that first process of registering or RSVP-ing simple and hassle-free - they already have a positive outlook on you. It’s inevitable that there will be gaps in entertainment and talks. If you’re sending out tangible invitations, it’s important to keep them looking professional and consistent. This is the first look they’ll get.

If the event is on a larger scale and it’s relevant, you could invest in a photo booth. Everyone has a laugh with things like that and it gives them something to look forward to when there are natural pauses. These are all ways you can incorporate the theme throughout, adding extra touches to impress the guests! 

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Planning events can be really rewarding, but it takes preparation to get it to where you want. Staying organised will make the process less stressful and ensure you stay on track. Take some time to consider the small details that will make the guests’ experience as positive as possible and you’ll reap the rewards afterwards with lots of lovely feedback. Enlist some help from friends, family or colleagues to lighten the load and get others involved.

At The Indie Print Co, we know the importance of consistency and quality at any event. It can be looked past a lot of the time but when the day arrives, you’ll be relieved you considered everything. That’s why you should invest in expert printers like us to put together your invites, favours and more. We can help you dress the venue and make the experience the best it can be. 

Get in touch with our team today via our little chat bubble on the bottom right of your screen, or take a look around our website - we’re sure you’ll find all you need there.