What are the different signage services offered?

You're probably aware of a few different options you have when it comes to signage services, but it can be hard to know what's available and which option will best suit your business. The purpose of any kind of sign is to communicate information and promote your company brand. However, depending on which you use, you'll be setting out to achieve a number of goals. It's important to think about where, when and why you're displaying signs before you make the investment.

This way you can be sure you're making the right decision. At Printed Agility, we offer a huge range of services for any business - small or large. They're a fantastic way of enhancing your brand and keeping it consistent throughout your advertising. It also works well to catch the eye of potential customers when they're not expecting it. You can draw in a lot of people with printed signs and it makes for a subtle but effective advertising method.

What signage services are out there?

We offer indoor and outdoor sign options, but within these categories, there are far more designs to choose from. Whether you're looking for something permanent or a piece you can take with you to events and new offices - there are plenty available to suit your needs. Let's have a look at some of the services out there.

A-Frame Signs

This is the type you will see standing on the pavements outside of coffee shops and retail buildings. They are often used to promote special offers for larger businesses and might just have a few words on them letting you know what to look forward to. Other times you might find smaller businesses have used them to promote their menu. It's one way potential customers can browse before heading in and gives passers-by a sneak peek at what's on offer, even if they hadn't originally planned to go in.

A-frames work well because they don't have to go right up to the building to see it. It's easy to read even from the other side of the road so it can reach a larger audience than a menu on the wall. Also, they can be used away from the actual companies as a way to direct people. If your business is off the beaten track and away from most of your potential customers - it can be a good idea to add signage closer to the busy areas, directing them towards you.

Vehicle Graphics

More permanent signage services like these are fantastic for ensuring branding continuity. If you keep your branding consistent in everything you do, it will stick in people's minds and increase the awareness they have for who you are and what you do. Businesses that use vehicles to transport goods or visit other sites to carry out their services would benefit from some kind of vehicle graphic - displaying the company logo and contact information. It's another way of getting yourself known to as many people as possible. 

You could decide to have a full vehicle wrapping with your company colours, logos and more design work. This really stands out and pushes your message to whoever sees you driving past. Or you could opt for a more low-key sign writing service that will put the most important parts of your design on all sides of the vehicle. You can make sure people are taking in the parts they need to be able to contact you and find their way to you easily. Whichever you choose, your branding will be travelling wherever you go and reaching a huge audience.


One of the most popular signage services that can be very effective. Banners can be strung from buildings inside or out and are made of weatherproof materials so you don't need to worry about the environment you leave them in. Because they're so light and portable, they can be kept for long periods of time, moving with you between offices and events. They're reliable at displaying your vibrant designs and are really easy to personalise. They don't take up any floor space when you opt for the PVC banners so you'll have plenty of room to display your products and they won't detract from your business.

You could also design a roll banner that stands on the floor and has a vertical layout. These are also very portable and efficient for taking between events or moving between rooms if needed. At Printed Agility, our roll banners even come with a carry case to make the transfer process even easier. Because banners are a really affordable advertising method - you could have multiple designs ready to go so you always have suitable signage for when you need it.


Whether you want to make a grand entryway or point people off the roads in the right direction - flags are a great signage choice. Deciding on the style and size you want can be tricky, but have a think about your design and how much text or how many images you want to display. It's also crucial to consider where the flag will go as you don't want it too small if people are going to see it from far away. Similarly, if you're low on space, you aren't going to want them taking up too much room. 

Flags can be used to promote grand openings as well as be part of your permanent advertising. Whether out or indoors, they're sure to make an impact and will attract the attention of everyone who passes. (That's the point after all right?) The movement of the flags in the wind will catch people's eyes and begin the journey of recognising your brand. You can place them everywhere and anywhere so you'll be drawing in all kinds of customers!

Flange Signs

These are the directional signs that protrude from the side of buildings. They're great if you find yourself tucked away amongst a row of highstreet shops or set back from the road or pavement. They can be seen from down the path even if your shop-front isn’t visible right away. This helps ensure people find you more easily. Keep your customers happy by making their journey easier! If they have to walk up and down multiple times to find you, they might just give up before they get there!

Flange signs usually just display your logo and/or company name. This way it's clear who you are and it really just acts as a directional aid for people looking for your business or browsing within your industry. They are double sided, so can be seen from both angles and can be designed to stand out amongst the others. Think about how you can best incorporate your brand to signs like this, while making sure they're bold and unique from others.

Health and Safety

This type of signage tends to be quite uniform and come in standard, regulation designs. If your team are dog people and you allow clients inside the office, you might need a subtle warning that they could get licked to death upon entering! Or if you have on-site parking - it can be useful to install parking or no parking signs and you could even have designated spaces for members of staff or expected clients. Anything like this will usually come under health and safety sign packages and if you want to get creative with things like parking, you could personalise them to suit your brand too.

It's also lawful to have fire extinguishers and first aid kits within a building, so carefully signposting these along with fire exits is crucial. Making sure everyone knows the exit procedure and how to use emergency equipment could be a life saving investment. Especially if you have customers coming in - they should be aware as much as your staff what the runnings are. Health and safety signs are key when moving into any building so it could be a good place to start when looking into sign advertising.

Why choose us for your signage services?

It's easy to feel a little lost when you decide signage advertising is the way to go. But there's so many to choose from and with many of our products being next day delivery - there's no rush to decide! We'll help you along the way to ensure your design is correct and presented just the way you want it so you can ensure you're getting the highest quality products with pretty fantastic service too if you ask me.

If you still need a nudge in the right direction - have a nosey at the products on our website and see which ones are right for you. If you're still not sure then give us a call! We love to have a chat and you can also use our chat bubble on screen too. (That's the best way to get hold of us if you fancy it.) You can call us on 0118 469 3015 and get the process started! We look forward to hearing from you.