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What essential signage does your business need?

We see signage every day and whilst we may not consciously recognise its effect, this signage communicates valuable information. Take a drive and you'll be confronted with road signs left, right and centre indicating driving speed limits or directions to the nearest down; pop to the groceries and you'll notice signage detailing opening hours, discounts and deals. And, of course, in the workplace, you'll discover health and safety signs dotted around the premises to secure the safety of all employees in accordance with legal legislation. They really are everywhere!

In this article, we'll be highlighting what the essential business signage you need really is. With so many different options on offer, it can be difficult to know the actual requirements and, after such a turbulent year, workplace signage has become even more essential to ensure specific health and safety measures are adhered to. So, let's delve into it!

What is the purpose of business signage?

Typically, signage is used for one of these common purposes: to promote, identify, provide information, give direction or raise safety awareness. We'll be focusing on safety awareness in this blog post - so, where might you find these common signs around the workplace? Let's explore some of the most common compliance signs that your business may want to consider to meet health and safety requirements.

Before we begin, however, when should you use this signage? Legislation requires safety signs to be used where the risk cannot be reduced any other way, but what does entail? Whilst we detail some instances in which you'd require signage, remember, the best way to determine what signs are necessary for your business is to carry out a risk assessment of your workplace.

#1 Hospitality and food hygiene

When your business concentrates on services for the public, business signage becomes even more vital. You need to ensure you are meeting health and safety standards to avoid any complications should an issue arise. Hospitality and food hygiene signs will highlight the precautions you are taking to avoid cross-contamination and remind your employees of the specific H&S requirements when handling and preparing food. There's a lot to remember in such a high-pressure position! So, ensure you have efficient signage to minimise the risk that someone forgets a crucial element that secures the safety of your establishment.

From reminding employees to wash their hands to the correct preparation areas, we have a range of different options available providing you with peace of mind when it matters most.

#2 Construction site and machinery safety

A construction site typically carries a lot of risks and therefore, appropriate signage is crucial to avoid dangerous incidents that could lead to serious consequences. As an employer, it is your responsibility to signpost the potential hazards and these could vary considerably depending on the type of machinery used on site. So, a risk assessment is essential to find out exactly what it is you need. 

However, a few basic signs may include warning to use eye protection, to be wary of moving vehicles or that appropriate footwear should be worn. Whilst they may seem obvious, you need to ensure you have the correct signage to avoid the risk of being sued should an accident occur!

#3 Fire action

All business premises should have clear signage, instructing those inside the building of the nearest fire exit and what to do should an incident occur. You certainly don’t want to risk anyone getting stuck inside the building. And so, fire action should most definitely be on your checklist when shopping for business signage. 

The amount of signs you require will depend on the size of your premises but it should be clear to all employees and potential visitors of the procedure in place should a fire break out. Unlike specialist industry-signage, fire action is relevant to all. 

#4 Dangerous substances

Dangerous substances can be found in a variety of different workplaces but they can have catastrophic consequences if not handled correctly. You should clearly sign if there is an immediate risk to your employees, otherwise you may be unknowingly putting them in danger. 

Substances can, of course, vary but a professionally created piece of business signage will ensure the risk is assessed before any incidents can happen. You should also make sure these signs are placed in an area in which they will not be covered and can not react with these hazardous substances!

#5 Disabled Access

To comply with the Disability Discrimnation Act, you should be highlighting access points, disabled toilets and parking areas for those that require them. Again, this needs to be universally acknowledged to ensure that when needed, the space or access point is not blocked by another. 

Like fire action, disabled access will be essential for all businesses as we work to reduce discrimination within the workplace. 

#6 COVID-19

All businesses have had to deal with COVID-19 in the past year, and to open up successfully this specially designed signage has been crucial. From 2m arrows to reminders to wear a face mask and wash your hands, it has never been more important for organisations to highlight these health and safety measures. 

Particularly with such an important message that affects all of us on a global scale, a clear, easily recognisable sign is vital. At Compliance Signs, our signs are professionally printed with care and designed to last. Plus, we can personalise should you need a specific design!

#7 Information

We’re huge consumers of information! Every minute of every day, we’re subconsciously taking in essential information, and none so clearly as via a sign. Again, this might not be specific to an industry but it is certainly essential!

There’s nothing worse than not knowing where to go or what you need, so by providing a personalised information sign, you can seamlessly streamline your organisation’s operations. Or, if you frequently have visitors why not create an info point with brochures, leaflets and more!

#8 First aid

Safety first! Should an incident occur, it’s vital you have clear business signage to notify those that are trained of where supplies are. Remember though, it’s not enough to have a sign, you also need to ensure this is well stocked with first aid equipment!

When an accident does happen, it can be a stressful experience for those involved particularly if they are left struggling to find assistance. So, eliminate this unnecessary confusion with a recognisable first aid sign. 

Choosing your business signage for the workplace...

 We’ve touched on just a few of the scenarios that may see you require signage within your workplace, but this list is certainly not exhaustive! If you have a specific risk and want to protect your employees, you can also customise our professional signs to best suit you. 

The key with business signage is to first do a risk assessment of your premises - what hazards can you see? And, what sort of sign do you need to prevent this from potentially causing a risk? Taking the right precautions will see you create a thriving workplace that complies with health and safety legislation - actively eliminating risks posed will instil confidence in your ability as an employer too. 

So, if you are looking for professionally printed and recognisable signage be sure to get in touch with the right people. Our team has all the know-how and experience to ensure you walk away with the correct signage for your business, saving you time and money on unnecessary products. 

Ready to get started? We love to natter, the best way to reach us is by starting a conversation in our chat bubble (check out the bottom right of your screen!). Or, if phoning’s more your style, get in touch with us at 0118 469 3015 and we’ll be more than happy to discuss your individual needs.