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Deep Fat Fryer Sign

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Sign reads:

"Deep Fat Fryer

Switch off / disconnect power supply at mains before cleaning. Avoid filling pan beyond recommended oil level. Ensure food is dried before immersing in oil to prevent frothing and subsequent overflowing. Always return thermostat conmtrol to zero when frying is completed.

When Draining.

1. Ensure that receptacle used is large enough to contain contents.

2. Maintain constant vigilance.

3. Clean up spillages immediately."

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Fantastic service, very prompt, used on multiple occasions and always willing to help. Needed a quick turn around on a print and they went above and beyond to support me with it! Would highly recommend!

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Super friendly service and provided clear and insightful knowledge into the process. Made the whole thing incredibly easy and kept me updated the whole time. Stickers arrived in a very quick time frame and the quality is the best I’ve seen! Cannot recommend enough, will most certainly be ordering again!!

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