Food Safety Checklist Sign


Sign reads:


Always wash your hands between handling raw and cooked meat products

Report any illness like diarrhoea, vomiting or infected cuts

Ensure that there is enough room to separate raw foods from cooked or ready to eat foods

Avoid cross-contamination

Hands, surfaces, equipment and utensils can all spread germs from raw to cooked food. Clean them thoroughly!

Maintain Temperature Controls

Check all fridges and freezers operate to the correct temperatures

Always keep raw meats and fish at bottom of fridge

All hot food served about 63°C

All reheated food should reach 82°C"

We use multiple delivery providers; 

Standard: Hermes 3-4 day or Royal Mail

Next-Day / Timed: DHL

Large / Heavy: Tuffnells 

We always notify you of the nominated courier at the point of shipping, all deliveries require a signatory.